“One day. This will all be gone. Your home. Your life. Your stuff.”
“All gone. And you know what. That’s fine by me. Because in a world where every single person is so concerned with themselves and not about anyone else, I don’t want to turn into that. I don’t want to feel the poison seep into my blood as I accept the shitty way that people treat one another. Humans don’t own this earth! But we’re so selfish, that we claim it like the scum we are. Never giving thanks to mother earth. Never caring for the other creatures that roam the space with us. In fact. We kill most of them! Why do we deserve to be immortal? Huh? Can you answer that?”
The board looked from one another, back to me, and then down in front of them. I could feel my sweat dribble down my face.
“Ms. White. We understand that this is a huge change for everyone to take in, but with this serum, we’re going to make the rich pay a substantial amount of money to be cured of their current state of the disease. Then we will observe them watch how they age going forward. I can testify that this will not make certain men immortal, but able to lead people into a better tomorrow. Let’s say your three-year-old is dying. Would you not pay and do whatever it took to save their life? ”
I shook my head, my eyes nearly bulging out of my head. “This is not natural. It has not been studied long enough. You do not know what the long-term effect will do. You will make them immortal, therefore, you will make them God. How can you condone this? This drug will make poor people go crazy, and the rich insane! You cannot make man God!”

They all shook their heads in disgust, appalled that anyone could hate such a serum. There was more to it than they were letting on. It was rumored that it would give people gifts, in order to make them extraordinary. As if we were Superman.

We’re not him though, and it should stay that way. What have we done as a human race to deserve powers? Greed will overcome these men, and chaos will strike. The world that we knew would change forever, and I feared what evil will be birthed from such a power.

Photo Credit: http://comicsalliance.com/best-art-ever-this-week-10-17-13/

It's the best around.

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